Seacliff EstateĀ Pismo Beach, CA

Project Description

Seacliff Estate in Pismo Beach California was one of the few remaining properties for development on the cliffs of Pismo Beach. As an unimproved property, Seacliff was taken through the entitlement process within the governmental jurisdictions of the City of Pismo Beach and the California Coastal Commission. Approval of the project design took approximately 18 months.

As the development plan worked its way through the entitlement process, the City requested the inclusion of a public park along the property adjacent to the Pacific Ocean atop the Shell Beach Cliffs. The complexity of the underground infrastructure included accommodation for Unocal oil pipelines which had been in place since the early 1970's. The pipelines were a high priority in the development process as they intersected with other underground services. The pipelines required that the raw material be heated to maintain the flow of material for delivery to a refinery in southern San Luis Obispo County. Because of site constraints, there were places where major underground pipelines intersected one another, and it became necessary to maintain their depth for the required gravity flow of content to reach its final destination. In these critical intersections a new method was used to insulate the hot oil pipeline with a ceramic refractory material formerly used only on large government projects and offsite oil rigs.

The park, along with the infrastructure for 30 single family homes, was developed in 2002. The development also included an affordable housing element which provided housing for low income families on California's Central Coast. Seacliff was fully developed and million dollar homes created a stellar oceanfront location.