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We provide our clients with inclusive solutions to their building requirements. Sometimes projects, regardless of size, can feel like an overwhelming task. Our professional team will take care of all aspects of your project, allowing you to focus on your primary business. We are your "one call" solution.

  • New residential
  • New commercial
  • Coordination with public authorities
  • Coordination with architects
  • Coordination with project engineers
  • Coordination with financial institutions

Earthquake/Seismic Retrofitting & Concrete/Foundations Repair/Strengthening:

Earthquake/Seismic retrofitting; Structural Strengthening; Concrete and Steel; Foundation, Column and most structural repairs

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) and Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) are incredibly strong materials used for many strengthening, and earthquake retrofitting repairs. Using CFRP and FRP minimizes downtime and construction disruption. Materials we use are State of California approved as low VOL and environmentally friendly. The cost savings using these materials is about 1/3 of the traditional jack hammering, rebar, shot-crete, steel plates, steel nuts and bolts, and disruption at the project site.